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Finally this place starts to look like a home! Just in time for the Holiday Season! It feels great! Friends have also had a chance to enjoy the new arrangement. The biggest accomplishment was indeed the installing and assembling of our new Ikea Pax wardrobe with the help of an uncle. Altogether it took eight hours to get the piece together and steadily attached to the wall.

Even our ceramic rhino head got it's very own spot on the wall, it had been bubble wrapped since August, waiting for this glorious moment. I decided to decorate it for Christmas, covering one of its horns with a festive hat. 

We got everything done by the 20th, just two days before throwing a lovely Christmas party for a bunch of good friends. One thing is for certain. Drilling a rock wall, as noisy and terrible it might sound like, has never sounded so good! The sweet sound of getting things done!

A highly unpractical, tall vase, bought a few years back from a sale got a new life. I was on the verge of throwing this piece away, numerous times, since it's only purpose seemed to be collecting dust in a corner. The assortment of Christmas tree baubles look great in it, like it was meant for this use all along!

This might seem superficial for some, but finally getting a place to both look and feel like my own, has a much deeper meaning. Something to be truly grateful of and cherish every day. For the first time in my entire life, a place actually feels like home. And boy, does it feel phenomenal! Hopefully no one takes that mutual feeling for granted. 

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