Christmas Edition Chocolate Chip Cookies

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For about 50 cookies you'll need:

-  milk chocolate
-  Fazer gingerbread chocolate
-  some cinnamon
-  an assortment of nuts
-  4 eggs
-  450 g of butter (let it warm up in room temperature for a while)
-  0,5 dl of milk
-  13 dl of wheat flour
-  3 teaspoons of baking powder
-  3,5 dl of farine sugar
-  5 dl of brown sugar
-  3 teaspoons of baking soda

Dice the chocolate and if you want, the nuts too. I like my cookies with big chunks! 

Use a cake mixer to mix the soft butter and sugars together. Add the eggs one at a time and mix well. 

In a separate bowl combine the baking powder, baking soda and some cinnamon with wheat flour - then using a spoon add it into the butter-sugar mix. Use the cake mixer to add some milk. Make sure the dough is smooth and even. 

Roll small balls of dough onto a baking tray, then press them flat. Remember that they will turn out bigger in the oven. Press pieces of chocolate and nuts onto cookies. 

Bake in 175 C for about 15 minutes. Let them cool down on a grate. 

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