Independence Day

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The Finnish Independence Day is on December 6th. Finland has now been independent for 95 years.  The absolutely best part of the day was a warm phone call to an amazing old man, my boyfriend's grandfather, a veteran. It's humbling how some 90-year-olds haven't lost their joy of life and the childlike twinkle in their eyes. This year the yearly, traditional Independence Day Ball and the epic war movie The Unknown Soldier that portraits the happenings of World War II in Finland were aired at the same time on national television. For many, especially old people, the both of them are a big part of the celebration of our Independence Day. When asked what he thought about this arrangement, the veteran replied laughing: "It's okay, after all I had a front row seat in the middle of the battlefield so I've experienced the war ". He also told  that he's been going to local schools to tell in his own words what it was like to be a soldier in war: "When kids ask me: did you shoot some Russians, I say no, we only shot enemies". 

What a valuable gift it is for kids to hear someone tell "behind the scenes" -material from the war. It will surely pass on to future generations. I admire people who find an inner strength to carry on and enjoy life after going through trauma. Not all veterans are able to talk about the war and painful memories. Understandably. Let's take care of our veterans, the few that are still alive, like they took care of our country and fought for our independency, they truly deserve it.

Thank you for an independent country!

This year we had a furry guest come over for a few days. I thought it would ease the urge to get another dog. Not a chance. 

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