Turn Your Old T-Shirts Into A Rug

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I introduced a technique on how to transform a t-shirt into a ball of thread earlier in my blog. Find instructions and read the post HERE. I also promised to share an idea on how to put that thread into use. 


I decided to crochet a huge rug which measures 2 m x 2,2 m. Since I was impatient and wanted to utilize all the material I could get my hands on, I mixed all kinds of colors together to create a bright, happy colored rug which I think, gives it some character! Adding white thread here and there makes it look fresh and black thread gives it some depth.

If you want to avoid getting knots in your rug, you can either sew the thread together or buy packs of different colored jersey from your local fabric store. Don't invest in expensive kinds, you can find real bargains on sale since each piece doesn't have to be that big! If you're in Helsinki I suggest you check out what Eurokangas stores have to offer, they usually have hideous colored jersey in their sale department, which is a good thing! Remember, with this DIY project you're allowed to go over the top! 

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