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15 ml of Sweet Vanity in a Bottle

Glitter nailpolish is back! At first I strongly thought it was just for little girls, I remember very vividly some hideous ones from my childhood: big chunks of heart shaped glitter that left the surface of the nail clumpy, rough and uneven - not a pretty sight. Then, I found some classy ones by Deborah Lippmann and became a fan.

Although I favour natural beauty and most of all, inner beauty, I don't believe in things like fake eye lashes, hair extensions etc., nail polish is my weak spot. It can have a moodlifting effect! I hate to admit but the moment I opened the package, I was hypnotized - yes - by this tiny bottle. Just like deep underwater, tiny fish stare at bigger, bioluminescent fish. 


Ray Of Light by Deborah Lippmann is a blueish purple shade with thin, hologrammic glitter that reflects tones of green and orange. It dries surprisingly fast and is long lasting. For best results apply two layers of clear base coat, two layers of Ray Of Light nailpolish and 1-2 layers of clear top coat. 

Before buying yours make sure to compare prices, they vary anywhere from 14 € to 30 €. If you live in Finland like I do, you'll have to order online. I bought mine from Amazon.com. While comparing prices I noticed that Love It has a good range of Deborah Lippmann products in a decent price, they also provide free shipping at the moment!

As an animal lover it gave me great pleasure to notice that Deborah Lippmann cosmetics doesn't use animal testing with their products! 

Other spectacular shades below by Deborah Lippmann include: Cleopatra in New York, Candy Shop, Let's Go Crazy and Across the Universe.

Bottom four photos by Deborah Lippmann

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