New Nikes & My First Hiphop Dance Class in Years

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I bought these bubblegum pink Nikes from Footlocker on my trip to New York. I often wonder why is it so that they only make cool sneakers like this for kids?! Adults love bright colors too! I'm lucky to have small feet but unfortunately that's not the case with everyone. 

I was very disappointed with Nike Town in New York. I had high expectations. I had been to the one in London and even that was bigger and had more cool, colorful sneakers to choose from. 

Yesterday I took my new Nikes for a spin! I had my first hiphop dance class in years! It felt really good both physically and mentally. 
I'm extremely picky when it comes to teachers. I've had some bad ones in the past - I want to leave them there. Let's face it, anyone can dance but to teach someone else, a total stranger to dance, that's an entirely different skill. It's challenging and not everyone can master it. A good teacher makes you want to learn more, leaves you craving for that next dance class, even inspires you to work on some moves at home. 
The atmosphere in class should be relaxed and secure, it's okay to make mistakes, we learn from them. A good teacher interacts with students, is encouraging yet knows how to give constructive critique. You should be able to feel comfortable enough to ask questions regarding dance technique etc.. Most likely someone else ponders the same question and feels relieved that you asked. 
Most importantly, you should never feel completely defeated when walking home from class, since that's rarely motivating. 
I'm definitely looking forward for my next class. 

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