Want Results? Set Your Goals.

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Have you decided to make some changes in your life regarding your health and your body? Whether you're after a more toned body, want to loose some weight or strive for a more energetic mind, setting goals is the first step. Write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge door. You'll be able to see them every day and it will help you to stay focused and remind yourself what you're striving for. Another thing that has helped me on my journey has been an inspiration/motivation photo. It can be a cut-out from a magazine or even a photo of you back in the days - anything that you want to achieve. Now, be realistic! Pick a photo of a body that's achievable, one that's your height. 

Once you've set your goals take out your calendar. Make it official! Plan your workout days and write them down. Improvise! Anything is better than nothing! Even a 30 minute, fast pace walk counts so skip the public transportation and leave your car home. Walking to work is a great way to start off the day, you'll get your daily dose of fresh air and increase blood circulation. 

Do you have kids? Anyone who has kids of their own or spends a lot of time with them knows that they can be very active! Why not take them swimming, ice skating, sledding, skiing? They'll most likely be very excited. I took my younger siblings, ages 12 and 9, swimming and they both asked immediately after: "Can we do this again next week?!" - how can you say no to that?! 

It's not always easy to think what's best for yourself. Fun is addictive and making someone else happy is a great motivator. Volunteer to take a friend's/neighbour's dog out for a long walk, animals have a very strong influence on your mood. When they're excited and happy, you most likely will be too. You'll be doing yourself, the owner and the dog all a favour. 

Try not to stare at the scale or in the mirror - rather focus on how you feel. If it helps you, you can even write "Under Construction" on your mirror to remind yourself. Keep going, results will start showing!

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