Don't Over Think It - Just Sprint It

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 As much as I hate running and jogging, I have decided to change my attitude towards it and give it a shot. There's a saying that goes like this: "Once your head decides to get off the chair, your butt will follow". It's true. You just have to set your mind to it. I challenge you all!

I had planned to start running already on Sunday but unfortunately caught a terrible flu so I had to postpone it. My friend Amanda is such a trooper! She's aiming to run 10K in a few weeks and has progressed with great determination. So admirable! She recommended a free version of an app called RunKeeper. You'll start off by determining your goal, you can select anything between 5K and a marathon. Then you choose a starting date and it will give instructions on what to do each day. RunKeeper also has categories for other forms of exercise ranging from snowboarding to rowing and swimming to the elliptical. It even has a category for a wheelchair. If you're interested and want to find out more, click here to get to their website.  

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Every now and then I check out H&M's kids department to see what cool things they have to offer. I got lucky with these fresh colored sports shorts! The quick dry material feels soft and what a perfect combination of colors! Nice and fresh for the summer especially with a tan skin! The blue looks more like a minty shade in person. Can't wait to take these out for a run!

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