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 Design hotel Klaus K has transformed it's two areas, restaurant Ilmatar and  the most of former nightclub Ahjo, into one holistic space called The Livingroom (nightclub Ahjo still exists, it's just significantly smaller and is located behind the curtains, in the back). Due to the renovation most of the interior decor of the area was demolished and replaced. While I was walking around photographing the construction site to document the process a certain cushion-like covered pilar caught my eye. I asked hotel manager Marc Skvorc if the panels of the cover would be removed and thrown away - he said "yes". I thought it was such a shame! Too often materials are thrown away instead of reusing them. I told Marc I could make it into a headboard for my bed and asked if I could have it. I didn't want it to take too much time or effort from the construction workers that were already on a tight schedule. Marc promised to look into it, whether or not it could be removed without it getting torn. 
 A few months later, last Friday, I was excited to carry the piece into a taxi van and finally take it home. I have now adopted a piece of a pilar from a former nightclub - how cool is that?! A pretty pieceful retirement home for this lucky pilar panel turned headboard after 8 years of partying!

 This piece has cost me 15€ so far (transportation by taxi) - not bad! It still needs to be lifted off the floor and properly attached to the wall.  

 Hopefully other hotels and public spaces will follow the lead! 


A photo by Klaus K of former Ahjo. You can spot the pilar behind the bar counter. 

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