DIY Christmas Wreath

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This DIY wreath is a classy yet low budget decoration! You'll need:

- some white paint 
- a small paint brush
- a styrofoam wreath
- some pine cones
- a hot glue gun and 4-5 glue sticks
- a piece of string for hanging

If your pine cones are wet and / or closed let them dry indoors for 2-5 days. Pick different sizes! 

Use hot glue to attach the pine cones to the outer edge of the wreath first, use the biggest cones here! I removed the stem first from each cone, then put glue on the top surface. When the whole outer edge of the wreath is filled start attaching the next row moving towards the center, row by row. If the glue gets too runny, turn the hot gun off and let it cool for a few minutes. Use different size pine cones in a random order to create a natural look and try to fill as much of the styrofoam wreath surface as possible. Allow the glue to dry completely. At this point the contrast between the brown pine cones and the white styrofoam wreath is strong, don't worry, it will even out later!

Start painting the pine cones with white paint using a small paint brush, dab rather than stroke. Make it look natural so don't paint the whole cone, leave some parts brown on each one. Make sure you also paint the shiny glue parts if they're showing. Let the paint dry. 

If you like, use spray paint and glitter to give your wreath a nice finishing touch with a hint of glamour! Tie a piece of string around your wreath to hang it - and voilá! This creation makes a great gift too!

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