Christmas Show Dance Rehearsal 1.1

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Today after class I felt like I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I felt somewhat defeated. My group started to rehearse a hip hop dance routine for the dance school's Christmas show. 

It was great to notice I wasn't alone and the only one having trouble with memorizing the steps, a common issue when starting dance lessons after a long break. The teacher was trying to give comfort by reminding us that we still have four weeks until the actual show. It's still frustrating to be unable to practice at home every day and patiently wait for next week's class! All this time goes to waste and could be used more wisely instead, by making progress.

I tend to expect most from myself, a feature that can be very fatal in the process of self-evolving and -growth. It applies to all aspects in life. I should learn to give myself a break, to try to see the positives over the negatives. The moment that defines us is whether or not we attempt to rise after we've been defeated. Occasional failure is a great thing as long as we learn to accept it, learn from it and then move on. 

There were some moments of glory too, I must say! I felt even more at home than before, with the relaxed, bouncing movement that hip hop is. The beat of the music really sank in deep! 

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